AT THE HALF KING THRU 10/19: Martine Fougeron, "Heart of the South Bronx: Trades"
10/21: Brian Sokol: "The Most Important Thing"
12/16: Camille Seaman, "Melting Away"
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© Susan Meiselas/Magnum Photos. This photo goes up for auction with 44 others 11/19, to benefit @RiscTraining, the @SebastianJunger outfit that teaches freelance journalists how to treat injuries incurred in conflict.
On 12/3 we’ll have a party @elkstudios to end the bidding. Stay tuned for more info about tix, and more photos headed for the block!

So far in 2014, 25 journalists have been killed in crossfire/combat or on dangerous assignment. RISC’s goal: prevent preventable deaths!

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…and get great results (see prior post)
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Some people make spontaneous decisions …. http://ift.tt/1vkzjpK

Father / daughter. Daughter oppositional with Dad. Dad patient. Patience runs thin. Thinning, late-September light, and hair. Haircut given to daughter earlier looks fine. Fine finish for the bicycle team. http://ift.tt/1qUWJlj

Green, how I want you green: The inimitable @martinefougeron recognizes royalty wherever she goes — in this case, the color of Castle Oil’s liquefied storage tanks in Port Morris, the Bronx. Tonight, she talks with La Curatrice @elisabethbiondi to occasion the opening of Heart of the South Bronx: Trades exhibit, No. 27 in The Half King Photo Series. Come on out and let’s talk together. At @TheHalfKing, 7:30 PM. ©Martine Fougeron.
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Gowanus pastoral a few hours ago.
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The flag flagging at sundown this evening. Harkening. http://ift.tt/1BzOFbC

Sunflowers in Red Hook, gone freaky. #RedHook #sunflower #Sept11 #squaready http://ift.tt/X0opYH

british pastoral in blue pastel
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© Martine Fougeron. Boatyard in the Bronx is just one of the industries—small and large, new and centuries-old—that Martine is documenting in her “Heart of the South Bronx: Trades” project, opening at The Half King Photo Series Weds, 9/17. Please join us for a lively talk with @martinefougeron, led by the redoubtable and fun @elisabethbiondi.

The person who guesses which slideshow photo presents things that are Made in the Bronx and exported to China, wins a signed fine art print.
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© Martine Fougeron. Martine’s photo project, Heart of the South Bronx: Trades, opens the fall season of The Half King Photo Series on Weds, 9/17. Meet @martinefougeron and find out how it’s not all Made in China. As Bronx Trades reveals, there are tHiNgS - physical, analog, non-digital - still being manufactured in NYC. Since 2011, Martine has been beautifully documenting the hands-on aspects of such these industries. The great @elisabethbiondi will lead a discussion. @TheHalfKing #madeintheusa #manufacturing #industry #bronxtrades #handson #squaready http://ift.tt/1pnzzUg http://ift.tt/1qodOCx

My darling, brilliant niece Trudy, slamming the ivories like a master. I think it’s how she turns the pages that makes this really sing. #whptimelapse http://ift.tt/1u4DvZe

Man and beast reconciled to the #iPhone.
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Frances and the Water Nymph take stock of the black reflecting pool. The Commodore hired three landscape architects over the course if forty or so years, to work and re-work his gardens. We liked this calm shady grotto the best. #Commodore #Vanderbilt #railroadsystem #GrandCentral #BeauxArts #outing #hudsonriver http://ift.tt/1z2lD1p