AT THE HALF KING THRU 11/09: MARTINE FOUGERON, "Heart of the South Bronx: Trades"

11/5: Pop-up screening at 7:30 PM: The Guardian Angel of Guatemala by Giles Clark. Q & A with Jorge Chiu, the star of the film, & Giles afterward.

11/11: MATT BLACK: "The Dry Land," b x w photos + "California: Paradise Burning," a short film by Ed Kashi & Matt Black.

12/16: CAMILLE SEAMAN: "Melting Away," color photos
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© Ashley Gilbertson / VII Photo.

This guy is a member of the Philippine marine corps. He lives on a WWII-era ship that his government grounded on a shoal in the South China Sea as claim to the surrounding waters against the Chinese. He’s spearfishing for a meal. Behind him, his home/station is rusting beneath his and his seven comrades’ feet. If you can make it to The Half King January 14, photographer Ashley Gilbertson will be there to talk more about his story, called “Dangerous Ground,” on exhibit through March 11.

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